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LPKF offers a wide range of high-quality tools and accessories for the in-house production of printed circuit boards.

Made in the USA

All of our milling tools are manufactured in the United States from solid Mitsubishi carbide blanks utilizing ultra-fine grained carbide with 8% cobalt as a binder. Our tools are manufactured using some of the tightest controls in the industry. The processes used in manufacturing our tools exceeds industry standards in controlling tight diameter tolerances, concentricity and Tool Indicator Runout (TIR). This results in longer tool life, greater accuracy and all round superior performance then cutting tools offered by our competition. All of our cutting tools are subjected to extensive in-house performance testing and usually go through numerous revisions before we put our name on them.

Our tools are specifically manufactured for our machines to provide pristine edge quality and longevity. The overall length of the milling tools ensures consistent cutting depth without dramatic depth adjustment when switching between drilling, cutting, and milling tools.

LPKF software tracks tool life based on the tested life span of our tools. This will ensure the most accurate trace and space specifications for each of our ProtoMat milling machines.

All tools and accessories are available in our secure Online Accessories Store.