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MultiPress S4

Bench-Top Hydraulic Press for Multilayer PCBs

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The new LPKF MultiPress S4 stand-alone PCB lamination press is ideal for creating multilayer circuit boards in a laboratory or prototyping environment. The MultiPress S4 allows increased development speed, security and the creation of custom circuit boards up to 12 layers making it an indispensable tool for multilayer PCB development including rigid and flex PCB's. With a short pressing time of approximately ninety minutes, the system offers rapid turnaround times: develop production-quality multilayer prototype boards quickly in your lab.

Bringing Multilayer Prototyping In-House

Rapid PCB prototyping achieves a higher level of utility with the LPKF MultiPress S4. When combined with a ProtoMat PCB milling system or ProtoLaser direct laser etching system with fiducial alignment camera and a through-hole plating solution (such as the ProConduct® or Contac S4 system), the MultiPress S4 provides the final key to producing complex multilayered printed circuit board prototypes in a fraction of the time of an outside vendor and with absolute security of all data – perfect for today's extreme time-to-market needs.

Small Footprint

The MultiPress S4 enjoys a remarkably small footprint as a stand-alone system with sturdy casters to allow easy positing within the lab. It measures only 19.7" x 19.7" x 38.6" (W x D x H) making it ideal for small spaces in R&D and prototyping laboratories.

Programmable Profiles

Unlimited custom heating/pressing/cooling profiles can be programmed into the MultiPress S4's microprocessor-controlled system, allowing for total customization of the process from start to finish. 5 pre-set profiles are provided with an integrated touch screen for system control.


The MultiPress S4 provides automated hydraulic pressure up to 340 N/cm2 (493 PSI) at 229 mm x 305 mm (9" x 12") with constant and reliable pressure control. An integrated vacuum chamber is now standard to remove air bubbles during lamination. The MultiPress S4 also offers a higher max temperature of 320°C (608°F) meeting demand for multilayer flex PCB or RF/WM development on substrates and prepregs that require higher processing temperature.

Technical Specifications: MultiPress S4

Max. Layout Size 200 mm x 275 mm (7.8" x 10.8")
Max. Laminating Area 229 mm x 305 mm (9" x 12") max; 100 mm x 100mm (4" x 4") minimum
Max. Laminating Pressure 340 N/cm2 (493 PSI) at 229 mm x 305 mm (9" x 12")
Max. Temperature 320 °C (608 °F)
Max. Number of Layers 8-12 (depending on material layout)
Max. thickness of stack 4 mm (0.16”)
Pressing Time Approx. 90 min
Dimensions (WxHxD) 500 mm x 980 mm x 500 mm (19.7" x 19.7" x 38.6")
Weight 205 kg (452 lbs)
Power Supply 207-230 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 3 kW
Microprocessor controlled Unlimited profiles, 5 preset
Hydraulic unit Integrated
Technical specifications subject to change.
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