Contac RS and MiniContac RS

Contac RS and MiniContac RS

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Compact, fast and easy to use plating system specially developed for the professional production and small batch production of PCBs featuring reverse pulse plating.

The LPKF Contac RS and MiniContac RS are through-hole plating systems specially developed for the professional production of prototype and small batch production printed circuit boards, featuring Reverse Pulse Plating and unmatched ease-of-use. The systems are ideal for any rapid PCB prototyping situation, especially small runs and tight work locations. They employ reliable formaldehyde-free Blackhole® Technology for direct metallization.

The Contac RS offers the largest board size capacity of any LPKF plating solution, plating boards as large as 16.9” x 11.4” (430 x 290 mm), as well as a heated tank for chemical tin plating (tin plating is excellent for optimal soldering of through-hole plated circuit boards and oxidation protection). A sink bath is connected via an external water supply for the cleaning step.

The LPKF MiniContac RS handles circuit boards as large as 7.8” x 11.4” (200 x 290 mm). The system is completely closed and needs no external connection.

The LPKF Contac RS and MiniContac RS systems use switchable reverse pulse plating, producing more uniform copper plating for difficult aspect ratios and smaller holes. Reverse pulse plating is also very useful for small holes on high density PCBs and improves production reliability during soldering. Reverse pulse plating uses precisely controlled reverse pulses to remove excess material during the plating process

The through-hole plating process starts with the cleaning of the circuit boards. The PBCs are degreased, then pre-treated, then activated. A galvanic bath adds the copper coat, and after rinsing and cleaning, the boards are ready for soldering. The LPKF Contac RS provides an additional sink bath for rinsing circuit boards, and a bath for chemical tin plating.

Easy Interface

The microprocessor-controlled LPKF MiniContac RS is easy to use, featuring a four-line display with a menu-driven user-interface.

Simple Chemistry

The LPKF MiniContac RS uses only four chemical baths, which can be changed simply and easily when required. The LPKF Contac RS uses only six baths, also easily changed when required. No Chemical knowledge or background is necessary.

Technical Data:

Contac RS

MiniContac RS

Part Number 120742 119987
Activator Carbon Carbon
Max. Substrate Size 460 mm x 330 mm (18" x 13") 230 mm x 330 mm (9" x 13")
Max. Board Size 430 mm x 290 mm (16.9" x 11.4") 200 mm x 290 mm (7.9" x 11.4)
Hole Diameter >0.2 mm (8 mil) >0.2 mm (8 mil)
Number of Plated Holes Unlimited Unlimited
Max. Number of Layers 8 8
Max. Resistance <10mΩ <10mΩ
Environmental Compatibility Good Good
Processing Reliability Very Good Very Good
Process Duration Approx. 90-120 min Approx. 90 min
Substrate Types FR4, RO3000, RO4000, TMM* FR4, RO3000, RO4000, TMM*
Power Supply 115/230 V, 50-60 Hz, Max. 1.5 kW 115/230 V, 50-60 Hz, Max. 0.6 kW
Ambient temperature 18-25 C (64.4-77 F) 18-25 C (64.4-77 F)
Dimensions (W x H x D) 900 mm x 540 mm x 800 mm (35.4" x 19.5" x 31.5" 750 mm x 525 mm x 500 mm (29.5" x 20.7" x 19.7")
Chemical Tinning Yes No
Reverse Pulse Plating Yes Yes
Weight 85 kg (154 lbs) Unfilled;
150 kg (330 lbs) filled
42 kg (92 lbs) Unfilled;
71 kg (156 lbs) filled
*    Further materials upon request.
Technical specifications subject to change.
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