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Slashing Development Cycle Times with LPKF ProConduct

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In the SolarCar project at Bochum University, vehicles such as the innovative SunCruiser PowerCore, which is powered solely by solar energy, are being developed. The printed circuit boards for the sophisticated electronic circuits in the car require numerous plated through-holes. LPKF ProConduct enabled the team to use a few large PCBs, instead of numerous small PCBs, and allowed for through-hole plating of all holes in a parallel process within a narrow timeframe.

The application report documents how ProConduct, as an easy-to-use chemical-free process, facilitates rapid in-house prototyping. Because the SolarCar project strives to develop a vehicle approved for road use, the fail-safe signal transmission was another important point in favor of ProConduct.

Download the application report to learn more.

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