ZelFlex Protect

Reusable Stencil Frames

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ZelFlex Protect is a high-quality reusable stencil frame system that saves time and money. Frameless stencils can be mounted directly into the frame system without the need of glue or mesh. Uniform tension is applied through a unique air bladder system that provides continuous tension in all direction without the need of having a permanent air connection.

Traditional framed stencils have many disadvantages. The mesh relaxes and the tension changes; each stencil is mounted at a different angle to the frame; the frame takes up a significant amount of storage space old style frames use epoxy and must be recycled. The ZelFlex Protect Reusable Stencil Frame system is cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to glued stencil frames.

Saving Storage Space

If not in use the stencil foil can be stored as a flat sheet, requiring much less storage space than a framed stencil. The ZelFlex edge protection can stay on the stencil to allow safe handling and quick changeover. Changing a stencil takes only 30 seconds or less.

Save Cost on Every Single Stencil

ZelFlex Protect users are able to buy frameless stencils saving typically up to 30% compared to glued stencils. The foil mounting pattern is provided as Gerber file with the frame and can be reproduced entirely royalty free.

Fits Most Stencil Printers

ZelFlex Protect comes in industry standard form factors and is compatible with virtually any stencil printer in the industry. The frame system has an outer dimension of 23” x 23” and a total thickness of only 1”. Option available includes a 29” x 29” adapter or rollers that may be required by some DEK printers.

Optional rollers for DEK 248-249 printers
Protection bars allow for safe handling of the foils
Adapter frame to fit 29” x 29” printer
Protective sub-frame set for LPKF ZelFlex Protect