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There is an LPKF Stencil Laser for every situation. The systems uses the same LPKF-designed and manufactured laser system because, regardless of the speed or size of the system, the cut quality is maintained. These systems can cut sheets using the sheet clamping frame, or they can cut pre-framed sheets. Optional vacuum fixtures allow the processing of small mechanical parts.

Two features unique to LPKF systems are the FastCut, which cuts smaller apertures with unmatched speed, and the LongLife laser sources that are virtually maintenance free, hence reducing your cost of ownership. The LPKF Stencil Laser systems are designed to cut with high pressure air to save production costs, or with oxygen to allow for a wider range of operating parameters or to cut thicker material.

The EasyEdit software supplied with each system is designed, implemented and maintained by LPKF. It provides more features specific to stencil manufacturing than can be listed here, but three major areas are: automatic laser parameter settings based on aperture characteristics, automatic adjustment of beam parameters to maintain cutting performance, and generation of test data for stencil testing with ScanCheck.