In-house PCB Prototyping

Why LPKF is the Leader

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With thousands of customers worldwide, LPKF Laser & Electronics is proud to be the leader in in-house PCB prototyping equipment, products and solutions. LPKF is widely known for producing the best PCB prototyping equipment. Our equipment is universally recognized for its quality, precision, craftsmanship, reliability and durability.

LPKF has the equipment and products for all in-house prototyping applications:

  • Single and Double-Sided to 8-layer Multilayer Boards
  • Analog, Digital, RF and Microwave Circuits & Substrates
  • Flex & Rigid-Flex Circuits
  • Processing Aluminum, Brass, Plastics
  • Fixtures, Templates, Panels, Foils, Masks
  • Rework

LPKF is the only company that provides customers with the equipment to handle all their prototyping needs:

LPKF is committed to the success of customers by providing:

  • Exceptional equipment
  • Outstanding service
  • Comprehensive training
  • Dedicated support

In-house PCB prototyping is a far better solution compared to outsourcing. Having in-house prototyping capabilities saves money and time, and allows for more creativity in design work.

The following hot topics below provide more information on why LPKF is the choice for your PCB prototyping needs.