Inline- or Stand-Alone-Transmission Test System

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Transmission sensors are used for the quality assurance of weld seams. These sensors are supplied by LPKF for the simple and quick inspection of optical transmissivity with respect to the laser wavelength.

The LPKF TMG 3 transmission tester determines the amount of laser radiation transmitted through a sample of plastic pursuant to DVS Regulation 2243.

The beam intensity measured without a sample in the beam path is the reference level. A laser beam is then sent through the sample and its intensity determined where the beam exits the sample. This means that no extra calibration is required.

An optional component specific holder ensures reliable and reproducible test results, detects transmission fluctuations between components with an accuracy of ≤ 1 percent and is insensitive to light interference.

  • Optically power-regulated laser diode with the wavelengths of typical laser plastic welding systems
  • Fastening option for component-specific holding

Technical Specifications: TMG 3

Product LPKF Transmission tester TMG 3
Laser class 1
Technology Transmission testing
Laser wavelength 980 nm
Power Supply 5 V DC via USB
Interfaces USB, RS232
Diameter of  the sensor aperture 3 mm
Focus diameter of the laser beam ca. 1.2 mm
Precision ≤ 1 % transmission (in ref. operating state)
Dimension (w x h x d ) 220 mm x 257 mm x 295 mm (8.7” x 10.1” x 11.6”)
Weight 3,5 kg (7.7 pounds)
Technical specifications subject to change.
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